Why Guitar Scales Are Important to Learn

Do you know your guitar scales? If you’re learning to play guitar, scales are an important exercise for you to learn. Scales are often neglected on the guitar, for some reason. But you would be hard-pressed to find a good pianist who didn’t have at least some level of proficiency at scales. The same should

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5 Things to Consider Before Choosing to Learn the Piano

Most of the adult population can play enough of a musical instrument to rattle out a tune of some sort, even if it is just a TV theme or a few bars of an old classic. Furthermore, playing an instrument well is something most of us long for, but for whatever reason, we choose not

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Top 10 Benefits of Exposure to Music at a Young Age

We have all had the experience of listening to the radio when a song comes on that you haven’t heard in 10, 15, or 20 years. But right away you start to sing along as you heard it yesterday, you don’t miss a single word. Amazing right? Well, not really. You probably heard it a

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Choosing The Right Instrument

Playing a musical instrument is a gift to all those who hear it. Does it really matter if you play a classical musical instrument or a contemporary musical instrument? It can. First and foremost, playing a musical instrument should be fun and rewarding. If it’s not, you are not likely to practice it at all

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The Benefits of Music in Childhood Development

If the thought of your children’s development is music to your ears, you may want to share the joy of music with your kids–and it seems the sooner you do it, the better.Music is powerful and persuasive. It touches one’s emotion, motivation, creativity, and relaxation. It has a soothing effect that can calm our mental

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4 Technologies That Will Improve Your Practice Time

We are surrounded by technology in our day to day lives and while technology can often be a distraction to our music practice routines it doesn’t always have to be! Here are a few examples of how certain apps, devices, and websites can actually help you improve more quickly and efficiently on your instrument. 1)

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Practice Is Important: Understanding Why

It is a universally known fact that when people do not enjoy doing an activity they will do everything in their power to avoid it. Several of us have had experience with this concept when we were taught musical instruments as children. We have memories about playing boring scales and being forced to practice endless

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Sure, Music Is Good For Kids… But Why?

I’ve heard a million parents lament the fact that they didn’t get their children involved in music sooner. There are also hundreds of adults out there that wish they had learned how to play an instrument when they were younger. Studies actually support the idea that music stimulates certain brain connections and can actually help

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How Studying Music Benefits All Areas of Life

Studies have shown that learning a musical instrument can have positive effects on brain development and motor skills. For example, studying a musical instrument has shown to increase the grey matter growth in areas of the brain associated with learning, memory, and emotions. Today I’d also like to discuss the benefits studying music can have

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3 Reasons Why You Should Be Practicing In The DARK!

Yes, you read correctly: the dark. During a recent lesson, one of my students was having trouble getting jumps in the left hand of Mendelssohn’s Songs Without Words: “Venetian Boat Song.” The right hand contains the melody, and gets more complex over time, and though he assumed the right hand was the trouble, it was

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