How Studying Music Benefits All Areas of Life

Studies have shown that learning a musical instrument can have positive effects on brain development and motor skills. For example, studying a musical instrument has shown to increase the grey matter growth in areas of the brain associated with learning, memory, and emotions. Today I’d also like to discuss the benefits studying music can have on other areas of your life like school and your career.

Learning a musical instrument is above all an exercise in perseverance. The process of starting from a place where you know nothing and working towards proficiency is a process that also applies to school and work. The younger you start a child with music education the sooner they can learn how they learn, which will benefit them in so many areas of life!

Learning an instrument also trains a person to multi-task and how to cope with nervousness in order to perform well in stressful situations. Think about the similarities between a music recital in which a student has to perform a piece of music in front of a crowd of strangers and presenting a project in front of your work or school peers. Both require the same amount focus and self-confidence. Studies have shown that students involved in music programs have greater self-esteem, higher test scores and higher scores in math, science, and foreign languages. It’s rare that a school offers music programs for learning the guitar and your child may not have an interest in learning an instrument in band or orchestra, which is why private lessons with us at Zera Music Company can be a great way for your child to get all the benefits of music while also learning an instrument that they personally have an interest in.

Having a musical background can also be an attention-grabber on resumes and a great thing to mention in job interviews. A background in music shows a potential employer that a person is familiar with the process of learning something new and practicing new skills, which are traits any company loves to see in potential hires. There are a lot of musicians out there which makes having a musical background a great way to network and connect with other people in your particular field.

It’s amazing how many ways studying music can affect a person’s life in a positive way. You can reap the benefits of studying music at any age and from any instrument. Overall it’s clear that children who start music education early on will develop the regions of their brains associated with language and reasoning quicker than children with no musical background.

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