In-Home Piano Lessons

We have qualified instructors that provide In-Home Piano Lessons in Arlington, Dallas, Fort Worth, Carrollton, Denton, Frisco, Plano, and everywhere in between.

It’s grand to be able to make melodies from a piano. Zera Music Company provides private piano lessons in-home or online to children throughout Dallas-Fort Worth so they too, can play any melody.

Combining Progress and Passion for the Piano

Playing the piano is an elegant skill, and those who have mastered the black-and-white keys are happy to play on their own or accompany any other instrument. But before the world’s best pianists have reached virtuoso status, they began with baby steps — finding middle C, focusing on posture, learning how to practice.

Zera Music Company takes your child through these baby steps so that they can reach their goals. Whether they want to be the next Mozart or just learn to play songs for the family, your child will learn how to glide their fingers across the keys to make wonderful music. They will confidently produce one note after another in perfect rhythm. All of our piano lessons throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area are tailored to your child.

And we keep piano classes fun. Passion over perfection — we don’t want our students to feel pressured to pull off a Beethoven at first try! We keep piano enjoyable, so your children will develop skills and a lifelong love for the instrument.

Piano Lessons for Beginners

Zera Music Company offers Beginner Piano Lessons to students in Dallas, Fort Worth, Plano, and Arlington, TX, under our seasoned instructors’ watchful eye.


Improper technique can lead to bad habits that hold students back. We teach your child how to sit correctly at the piano and how to position their hands, wrists, and fingers. Proper posture and position improve performance while keeping your child at ease.

Music Theory

A major part of becoming a complete musician is a thorough understanding of music theory. We believe this is the bedrock of a quality music education. Each lesson, new musical concepts are taught that help to propel your child forward.

Note Reading

Your child will learn to read music notation and follow the notes on the treble and bass staff. Once they learn the ropes, they will be able to learn any song they desire.


Together with their instructor, your child will go through repertoire in their lesson books, which they will practice each week. Every four months, their hard work will culminate in recital performances.

Piano Lesson Delivery

Our teachers deliver piano lessons in two modes: in-person and online.

Online Lessons

We conduct weekly piano lessons through the video conferencing platform of your choice. Our teachers work hard to ensure consistent progress. Online delivery may not be the conventional platform, but it is just as effective as in-person classes. We recommend online piano lessons to families with a stable and fast internet connection.

In-Person Lessons

Once a week, our teachers come to your home. Each piano lesson is conducted face-to-face, and our instructors can respond in real-time to each area of praise and concern.

Get Started With Piano Lessons

Zera Music Company’s affordable piano lessons don’t come with hidden costs or contracts.


Join our flagship piano program that has produced hundreds of skilled pianists.



Learn the piano through a weekly ZOOM, FaceTime, or Skype session.

All Months Include

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Questions About Piano Lessons

Is there a proper age to start learning the piano?

There’s no strict age requirement for learning the piano, but we recommend starting at around five years old for physical development reasons. At this age, the child’s hand can easily span five keys. They also have fine motor skills to move each finger independently.

Do parents play a role in the piano lessons?

Absolutely! Parent involvement is HUGE in piano lessons. We invite them to sit and watch in order to guide the child as they practice outside of lesson time! We also ensure that our instructors are very clear in their expectations of practice time and assignments each week by leaving notes, and also emailing you lesson notes each week after lessons!

children playing piano

About Our Music Company

The Zera Music Company

Our mission is to provide top-notch piano lessons to students throughout Texas & Utah. To date, we have trained hundreds of children in piano, voice, guitar, and drums. We raise up kids to become complete musicians.

Passion for the Piano

To provide excellent music education, we train instructors to teach the Zera Music Company way. That is, we combine passion and progress when training little pianists. We provide professional education, but we do so in a friendly and enjoyable environment.

Spreading Melodies
Across DFW

We provide piano lessons to interested students all throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and Salt Lake City area.

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