2 Great Benefits Of Participating in Music Recitals

Students that take lessons with Zera Music Company have the opportunity to participate in music recitals several times per year. These recitals can be a great way to showcase the progress a student has made on their instrument and give them something big to practice for. Students that participate in these recitals will gain confidence in their musical abilities and have the opportunity to perform in front of a crowd of friendly listeners. It’s important that musicians venture outside of the practice room every now and then to play in front of people other than parents or teachers. It can be challenging for a child to get up in front of strangers to perform a piece of music, but it’s a great way to build character and overcome self-doubt over one’s abilities. Here’s some more information on the benefits of participating in recitals in hopes that you sign your child up for the next one!

1) Having Something to Practice Towards!

It’s great to practice with the goal of improvement in mind, but having a recital or gig to focus your practice time towards is much more beneficial. This is because you are hyper focused on only a few pieces of music and are able to dive deep into them and really discover what your strengths and weaknesses are. When you are simply going through a song book or noodling around on the piano or guitar you tend not to focus as much on your mistakes or on the deeper musical aspects of the piece such as dynamics, accent marks, tempo, etc. An upcoming recital is the perfect motivator to push your skills to the next level and nail down those little concepts and techniques that you are familiar with but not totally comfortable with yet.

2) Support Your Peers and Build a Community

Another great thing about music recitals is that you get to meet and hear other musicians of many different age groups, instruments, and skill levels. Listening to a music recital can be just as fun as playing in one since you get to hear first hand how other people approach your instrument. You may get some new ideas on songs or techniques you want to focus on in your lessons after hearing another student give a nice performance. I encourage everyone who attends a recital to walk over and give some positive feedback to someone whose performance you really enjoyed. Every musician likes to hear that people enjoyed their playing! Positive feedback is great motivation to continue practicing and improving. Recitals are also a perfect place to meet other musicians in your area and make plans to play together! If you have never gotten together with a friend or acquaintance to play music you are missing out on one of life’s greatest joys!

Keep an eye on the website and talk to your instructor about how you can get signed up for your next recital. We are really looking forward to it!

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