If you’re looking to get serious about progress, this is the option for you.

What's Included?

Emailed Lesson Notes

We believe that success happens when parents are involved, so this is our way of bringing you into the conversation and into the practice room. These weekly, detailed lesson notes will allow you to see what the expectations are for your kiddo throughout the week, and will ensure that communication is clear.

Goals & Follow-Up

What is arguably the most beneficial aspect of ZMC Premium, is our Student Timeline and all that comes with it. At your initial Premium lesson, your instructor will develop a timeline with you and your kiddos to ensure that realistic goals are set and your child has a vision for all they want to accomplish in their time taking music lessons. This is a tool we can come back to again and again when frustration sets in and practice time is losing priority. On top of that, an Education Specialist will personally check in every three months to make sure everything is still on track and make any adjustments as needed!

Books & Recitals

Never worry again about additional charges throughout the year now that all lesson books and recital fees will be included in your monthly rate! As your child approaches the end of a lesson book, the next book in the series will arrive at your doorstep.

Theory Exams

Theory work ensures comprehension and gives a formal and consistent flow of learning outside of playing. On top of the already awesome benefits of getting our favorite theory workbook for FREE, your instructor will also administer monthly Unit Exams to ensure progress and an understanding of the taught material. Your child is sure to love the interactive nature of these worksheets, and when they pass a Unit, they’ll receive a Special Achievement Certificate with their name on it!


60-min Lessons

$325/ month

45-min Lessons

$255/ month

30-min Lessons

$185/ month

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Family Discounts


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